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BTEC - Digital IT

Course contact: Mr Weaver - weaverd@harpergreen.net

Specification: BTEC Tech Award

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Course Outline

In Digital IT (BTEC Tech Award), students will learn how different user interfaces meet user needs and how organisations collect and use data to make decisions. You will also learn about virtual workplaces, cyber security, legal and ethical issues, and how to create integrated IT systems that mirror those created and used in the industry.

A typical lesson might involve...

Individual, paired and group work

  • The use of workbooks, learning mats and interactive activities
  • The use of computers to research tasks and improve your knowledge
  • Practical lessons to develop creative skills
  • Homework and independent home learning is vital
  • Computer use for written coursework

How will I be assessed?

The subject is split into two different component parts:

Component 1: 30% - Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques - A piece of coursework assessed internally, where learners will develop their understanding of what makes an effective user interface and how to manage a project effectively. They will use this understanding to plan, design and create a user interface.

Component 2: 30% - Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data - Learners will understand the characteristics of data and information and how they help organisations make decisions. They will use data manipulation methods to create a dashboard to present and draw conclusions from information.

Component 3: 40% - Effective Digital Working Practices - This component will allow learners to explore how technological developments over recent years have enabled modern organisations to communicate and collaborate more effectively than ever before. 

The component is designed to allow learners to explore the digital systems available to organisations and how their features impact the way organisations operate. Learners will investigate how developments in technology have led to more inclusive and flexible working environments and how regulation and ethical and security concerns influence how organisations operate.

What qualifications will I achieve and what could I do afterwards?

You will receive a BTEC Tech Award in Digital IT. 

The course is an appropriate foundation for further study of the subject at A-level, BTEC Nationals, Apprenticeships and then onto university.

Job opportunities could include IT Teacher, Website Designer, Games Designer, Image Editor.

You should choose Digital IT if...

  • You are interested in the use of computers
  • You enjoy using a computer to solve problems
  • You can identify and evaluate the purpose and audience of digital artwork
  • Students must have a firm interest in the IT sector and wish to develop their talent further
  • You must have a passion for using IT to collect and store data

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