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Cambridge National - Sports Studies

Course contact: Mr Porteous - porteousp@harpergreen.net

Specification: Cambridge National

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Course Outline

In Sports Studies, students will learn about contemporary issues in sport, exploring the issues that affect participation and the importance of the role of sport in promoting values. You will learn about developing sports skills but looking at rules, regulations, scoring systems, skills, techniques and tactics for performance in a range of sports - practically participating and analysing their performance.

Students will study Sports Leadership where they will learn the personal qualities, styles, roles and responsibilities associated with effective sports leadership. You will also study Sports and the Media to explore how sport is covered across the media and the positive and negative effects that the media can have.

A typical lesson might involve...

  • Individual, paired and group work
  • The use of workbooks, learning mats, and interactive connect activities
  • The use of iPads to research certain topics or to aid revision
  • Practical lessons to develop skills, tactics and knowledge of a variety of sports
  • Homework and independent home learning is vital (revision books will be recommended)
  • Computer use for assignments

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through compulsory units on your knowledge and performance in sport.

You should choose Sports Studies if...

This course is suitable for students who have a passion for sport and are already competing regularly and competitively in a number of sporting activities both in and out of school prior to starting the course.

It is also essential that students have a  rm interest in the sports industry, physiological and psychological factors that impact sport, fitness testing and training for sport and exercise, practical sports performance and sports leadership. 

What qualifications will I achieve and what could I do afterwards?

You will achieve a Cambridge National Level 1 or Level 2 in Sports Studies qualification.

The course is an appropriate foundation for further study of the subject at A-level, BTEC Nationals, Apprenticeships and then onto University.

Job opportunities could include: PE Teacher, Physiotherapist, Sports Coach, Sports Analyst, Dietician, Nutritionist and more.

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