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School Uniform

As a school, we firmly believe that our school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to our ethos. It sets an appropriate tone that supports effective teaching and learning. Working with our students and families, we have made a lot of progress towards achieving the consistent appearance of student uniform, and we are keen to maintain this. Students are therefore expected to wear the uniform as listed below.

Our School Uniform

  • School blazer must be worn at all times (during exceptional weather circumstances, the Head of School may allow them to be removed and carried around the school building);
  • School shirts must have a fastening top button that is done up. The shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • School tie is worn to show both year team coloured stripes.
  • Black trousers or black knee-length skirt (both with the Harper Green logo visible).
  • Students may wear a plain black v-neck jumper underneath their school blazer. This does not have to be the official Harper Green one, but should be completely plain without any pattern if not. Skirts should not be rolled up.
  • Black socks. For those wearing skirts, these must be knee length and without additional design. For those wearing trousers, these must be plain black.
  • During the winter months (1stNovember to 31st March), those students wearing skirts must also wear tights. Skirts should not be rolled up and the Harper Green badge should be visible.
  • Coats may be worn to and from school, and outside at break and lunchtime.  Coats are not to be worn in the building or between lessons.
  • Hooded tops and caps are not permitted.

Our PE Kit

  • Black, burgundy & white t-shirt with school logo
  • Black, burgundy & white rugby top with school logo 
  • Black, burgundy & white shorts with school logo
  • Black, burgundy & white 1/4 zip top with school logo (optional)
  • Black & burgundy leggings with school logo  (optional)
  • Black & white slim fit track pants with school logo (optional)
  • Black & burgundy socks
    Football boots 
  • Trainers (Sport Specific, not Converse or Pumps). 
  • Towel

Hair, Make-up and Shoes

  • Hairstyles cannot be extreme. We define extreme as the following:
    • Less than a number 2 in length
    • Patterns shaved into the design
    • Two-tone hair colouring
    • Unnatural hair colouring
  • Hair accessories must be dark and discrete
  • Minimal natural-looking makeup is allowed - Eye makeup, false eyelashes, coloured lipstick and fake tan is not permitted
  • Henna is only permitted via prior-approval from the Head of School or Deputy Headteacher
  • Acrylic or false nails is not allowed. No nail polish, of any colour, is allowed
  • We have a no jewellery policy. Students may only wear a watch (not a smartwatch). This includes body piercings or other adornments.
  • All incorrect jewellery will be confiscated by staff. Students will be monitored over time, and persistent offenders will receive escalating consequences
  • Body piercing and adornment of any form is not permitted
  • Where students arrive at school in the incorrect footwear, an alternative form of footwear will be offered, enabling the student to choose to remain in school lessons and continue learning
  • Permitted designs are noted below (however please be aware this not an exhaustive list). All designs need to be simple and plain - no bows, ticks or frills for example.


Compulsory Equipment


  • An appropriate school bag (The bag must be large enough to fit the school A5 planner and A4 knowledge organisers in).
  • Pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scientific calculator and reading book
  • Planner and Knowledge Organiser (these will be provided free of charge by the school in September). If lost by students, they must be re-purchased via the parent pay.


  • A protractor, compass and glue stick

Where can I buy Harper Green School uniform?

Harper Green uniform can be bought from the following supplier. Please contact them directly for more information or prices.

  • Whittakers, Smart Clothing and Ziggies 

Compliance Consequences

Form tutors, along with Year Teams and SLT, will check uniform, appearance and equipment daily. Any student who is not wearing compliant uniform will be challenged about such. If there is a valid reason for students not having the correct uniform, it is important that you communicate this with the Year Team first thing in the morning.

If your child attends school in incorrect uniform, they will either be asked to correct the issue or will be given correct uniform items for the day. If a student refuses the reasonable request to correct any uniform issues, a consequence will be issued in line with our policies.  

*The school will not be held liable or responsible for any item of confiscated uniform or equipment that has been lost or stolen in school.