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Curriculum Intent Statement

The intent of the science curriculum at Harper Green is to make scientists that can go out into the world and be our next doctors, vets, astronomers and pharmacists. Our curriculum is designed to develop the three components students need to become scientists…

  1. A love and passion for science (through engaging, enthusiastic teaching set in real-world contexts with an emphasis on careers)
  2. The Knowledge of scientific concepts, phenomena and facts (through skillful modelling, project-based learning and regular opportunities for recall and development of memory/revision techniques)
  3. The skills of a scientist (through practical/enquiry-based learning of scientific skills and development of command word mastery)

The Science curriculum at Harper Green provides pupils of all abilities the opportunity to gain new scientific knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and to develop the skills necessary to apply them to new and existing contexts.

Pupils will be given the chance to work scientifically and apply practical skills and techniques that will be embedded and enhanced through the five years of study, preparing them for opportunities of studying Science at a higher level or to trigger thoughts of a career in Science. The curriculum affords the pupils the chance to develop the application of Mathematics in Science and to develop and discuss their ideas with an enquiring mind and curiosity throughout the learning journey.

At key points in the curriculum, progress will be assessed and areas for development will be addressed with the pupils receiving detailed written feedback on how to achieve this.

The curriculum at KS3 is designed around the big ideas in Biology, Chemistry and Physics identified in the National Curriculum and KS3 Science Programme of Study. These ideas build upon what the pupils will have covered in the upper years of KS2 and provide the knowledge, understanding and skills base that can spiral up and be developed further in the GCSE courses. The intent of the five year curriculum is to build inquisitive learners with a wonder and thirst for Science, armed with the knowledge and skills to be successful, resilient and make maximum progress.

The Science curriculum at Harper Green will be enriched with STEM initiatives as well forming cross curricular opportunities with subject teaching common threads. Pupils will be challenged to enrich their studies and develop themselves further as budding scientists with a positive mindset and ambition through homework and participation in extra-curricular activities, some of which should be developed to help and improve the local community and society and improve further the sense of British Values.

Science Curriculum Overview