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Curriculum Intent Statement

Modern Foreign Languages are an important part of the Harper Green Curriculum.  All students study Spanish and are given the opportunity to continue to GCSE level.  The MFL department maintain the highest standards for language learning and we expect all of our students that continue with their language studies to achieve a GCSE.  Our team is characterised by a passion for language learning and a commitment to supporting students to achieve their true potential and life goals.

The aim of the KS3 course is to introduce students to language learning skills that they can apply to learning other foreign languages in the future. Students regularly consolidate “the basics” of Spanish to ensure that they can use the most common vocabulary and constructions spontaneously and with confidence.  Through the focus on independent speaking and writing, we are preparing students for the demands of the new GCSE course in addition to creating competent and resilient communicators who can communicate with spontaneity and fluency. We encourage our students to find ways of communicating what they want to say through discussion, asking questions and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation. As our students grow more proficient in Spanish, they also gain an understanding of how different languages operate and their similarities.

The Spanish GCSE course aims to build on the foundations built in Years 7 to 9 as well as introducing a deeper understanding of concepts and knowledge as well as strengthening expertise. Students follow the specification for EDUQAS. The course is assessed via examinations in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

It is our aim that students leave Harper Green equipped to use their Spanish in leisure and work related situations and are able to go onto study A level and beyond. 

In addition, we also teach students about the culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries around the world, encouraging understanding, appreciation and the acceptance of beliefs.

MFL Curriculum Overview