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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to thrive and make a positive contribution in modern Britain
  • Provide relevant qualifications so that all pupils can progress to the next stages of their education, training or employment.
  • Promotes academic excellence and high aspirations.
  • To develop lifelong learners who are confident, independent, resilient and have the oracy skills enabling them to communicate effectively.
  • To provide students access to a wide and rich set of experiences that develop respectful, active citizens and personal character.

10 Fundamental Principles underpinning our curriculum

  1. The education of each child shall be given equal value and importance regardless of ability.
  2. All children shall have equal opportunities especially in respect of access to the curriculum so that it will be made possible for each individual child to develop his/her knowledge, expertise, abilities and attitudes to his/her full potential.
  3. The curriculum will be organised, resourced and presented in such a way that no child is disadvantaged in terms of gender, ethnicity or ability.
  4. Although the curriculum will be common to all pupils, it will be implemented with varied pace and depth to match differences in age/ability.
  5. The curriculum will be broad and balanced. Each subject domain will be allotted sufficient time in order for it to be taught effectively and so that pupils have time to develop deep and powerful knowledge/key concepts that can be easily retrieved and transferred into new contexts. Pupils will be given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of subjects that will allow them to achieve academically, socially and personally.
  6. The curriculum will inspire, challenge and stretch pupils beyond their everyday experience whilst being implemented in way that is relevant to them and relates to their own experience. It will build on the curriculums that pupils have been following at KS2.
  7. The curriculum will be characterised by teaching strategies, which challenge and engage all pupils, recognising the importance of retrieval practice, spacing and interleaving. Pupils will acquire an understanding of the most effective techniques to boost their learning.
  8. The curriculum will acknowledge the fundamental role of literacy across all subjects and Language Mastery will play a key role in developing this across the school.
  9. The curriculum will relate to the world of work, reflecting this in opportunities for Work Experience and the opportunity to develop economic awareness and enterprise expertise.
  10. The curriculum will ensure pupils develop their understanding of core British values and will be encouraged to express the ‘We Are HARPER’ characteristics.

KS3 Curriculum

From September 2015, Harper Green has delivered the National Curriculum at KS3 as outlined by the Department for Education.

In Year 7 & 8 pupils are taught the full range of Core and Foundation subjects. At the start of Year 8, they are set by ability in English and Maths. This excludes the subjects of technology and PE.

Core Subjects




Foundation Subjects

Religious Education

Physical Education

Modern Foreign Languages



History, Geography




Personal, Social and Health Education 

Work-related and Enterprise Education

KS4 Curriculum

From September 2015, Harper Green has delivered the National Curriculum at KS4 in all subjects as outlined by the Department for Education. (Unless pupils have opted for ICT or Computer Science during the Guided Choices process, they will not study computing at KS4).

In Year 9, 10 and 11, pupils will be taught English, Maths, Science and geography OR history plus, RE, PE and aspects of PSHCE (including sex and relationships)*. Pupils are set by ability in in English, maths, science and history/geography.

Furthermore, pupils will choose 3 additional subjects that are provided through an intensive guided choices programme at the end of Year 8. Pupils are guided to study a balanced suite of subjects by choosing courses in Modern Foreign Languages, Expressive Arts, Technology, Humanities and PE*. During this process, pupils are made fully aware of the EBacc and the positive impact that these subjects can have on their future achievement.

Through making these choices at the end of Year 8, we are able to ensure that pupils deepen their knowledge and expertise in subjects that they feel passionate about, whilst also undertaking 2 periods of Personal Development in Y9. These Personal Development lessons broaden the horizons of pupils by introducing them to creative, cultural, community and life experiences outside of the classroom. They also further pupils’ academic progress through the links that can be made between these experiences and the national curriculum aims from a range of subjects.

All bands offer academic based curriculums and some pupils in Band G and S will additionally follow the Princes Trust programme, which equips pupils with the necessary expertise that will help them achieve in life following secondary school. All routes followed by pupils will engage, inspire and stretch them to achieve their full potential during and following KS4.


*The qualifications and exam boards followed for all these subjects can be found on the individual subject’s page. 


If you require any further information please contact the Assistant Head Teacher in Charge of Curriculum, Mr James Gilhooly, by either calling the main school number (01204 572941) or emailing him at gilhoolyj@harpergreen.net