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At KS3 in Photography

At KS3 Pupils will study photography three times a week, learning the basics and developing their skills throughout the year.

Over the course of year 9, pupils will explore and experiment with a range of photographic techniques. They learn how to research themes and artists and how to present and annotate their work creatively. Pupils work both independently and in small groups throughout the year.

During term one, pupils engage in a number of short tasks, building their confidence in using different photography techniques and Photoshop.

Throughout term two and three, pupils begin to experiment further with photographic techniques and manipulation of their images, by engaging with a range of artists and techniques.

At KS4 in Photography

In year 10 and 11, pupils will complete three projects that make up their coursework portfolio, they are; Naturally Abstract, Urban Decay and Portraits. These three projects make up 60% of their final grade.

After Christmas of year 11, pupils complete the exam, this comprises of eight weeks preparation time and a 10 hour exam. This makes up 40% of their final grade.

During the two years pupils will produce an independent portfolio of work, demonstrating a range of techniques, skills, manipulation of images and artist research. Pupils will use a range of photographic equipment, including DSLR cameras and Photoshop.

Beyond the classroom

Pupils are expected to work independently at home, getting out and about taking their own photographs is a vital part of the course.

They will have the opportunity to go on trips over the two years, in February of year 10 they will go to Manchester to take photographs for the Urban Decay project.

The art rooms are open every lunchtime to pupils and after school ( Friday is permanent, other nights change weekly)

Why study this subject

The creative industry is the fastest growing sector in the economy!

There are a wide range of opportunities in photography including: Freelance, fashion, cinematography, Television, wildlife, portrait, animation, advertising, marketing and travel photography.

Curriculum Plan