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 If your child was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 (now in Year 6 2020/21), they will transfer to secondary school in September 2021. This is an extremely important time for children and their parents/carers.

Applying for a school place takes time and effort, and as a parent/carer you will be keen to make the right choice.

Arrangements for School Tours

This year we are no longer able to hold our familiar and hugely popular Open Evening, when we would welcome all prospective pupils and their families into school to get to know the school, our staff, and students. In order to provide with this information in the safest possible manner, we are instead bringing the school to you ‘virtually’.

Our welcome video is now live on our website (www.harpergreen.net), and it offers the perfect opportunity to see the school and meet some of our fabulous students and staff. It is essential that you get a chance to see inside a school before making a decision about your child’s educational future.

To support you further in this process, we are also planning to conduct a series of small tours around school, so that you are able to see our excellent facilities, including, our newly-built year 7 pastoral space, and observe our wonderful students and staff at work, albeit at a safe distance. It will also allow you to get a better feel for our warm and welcoming atmosphere, ethos and values.

Regrettably, places will be limited, but we know that for some children nothing replaces the opportunity of an actual visit and we are mindful that choosing the right school for your child is a momentous decision for parents. We will endeavor to show you and your child around our school safely, observing and maintaining any current, ongoing social distancing guidelines. Our senior leaders and key department and pastoral staff will be available, should you have specific questions you wish to discuss.

Additional information will be published on our website in the following weeks. Invitations to reserve a place on a tour will be distributed via your child’s primary school. Please look out for this information, as it will be sent home with your child.

Applying to secondary school – 2020/2021

Bolton Local Authority manages and co-ordinates the school admission process for every secondary school in Bolton (apart from independent fee-paying schools), as well as schools in the neighbouring areas.

If you live within the borough, you will need to complete the online application form to express a preference for a school in Bolton (or a school in another Local Authority). You can express a preference for up to three schools, and we would advise you use all three preferences. You must be a resident of Bolton. If you live outside Bolton, you must apply through your home authority.

You can apply quickly and easily online at www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions.

Please read through the Admission to Secondary School Booklet, which gives further information about the admission process.


The closing date for applications is 31st October 2020.


The offer date is 1st March 2021 - emails will be sent out that morning.

Frequently asked questions for applying online.


  1. How do I apply for a secondary school place at a school outside Bolton?

 If you want to apply for a secondary school place in another authority, you can still apply online using this facility.


  1. When can I use the online system?

The online system is available seven-days-a-week. However, you will only be able to apply online for a school place up to the date set as the deadline for applications. If you miss that deadline and still want to apply, you will need to contact the admissions team.



  1. Will my details and those of my child be secure?

Yes, the system is very safe and has a series of security procedures. You will have to set up an account using an email address and then provide your child's details.



  1. What details will be requested on the online application?

You will need an email address and your child's details to start the application.



  1. If I can’t finish the application in one go, can I save it and recall it later?

Yes, you can recall your application, but only before the closing date.



  1. Having submitted an electronic application, will I be able to change my mind?

Yes, you can make changes right up until the closing date. You must remember to‘re-submit’ your application form each time you make a change.



  1. How will I know that the amendments have been logged?

Every time you re-submit the online application, you will receive an email notification confirming the status of your application. You can also check the status when you log into the system.



  1. Will I be told the result of my application electronically?

An email will be sent telling you the outcome of your application on the date specified in the admissions timetable. 



  1. How do I access the online system?

The online application system is available through the Council’s website at www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions.



  1. What do I need to be able to apply online?

You will need to have an e-mail address, and you will need to register this on the school admissions portal. 



  1. What do I do if I live outside Bolton?

If you live outside of Bolton and wish to apply for a school place in Bolton, you must make an application to your home Local Authority. 


Further information and notes of guidance about how to apply online can be found here Admission to Secondary School Booklet


Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan

If your child has an Education, Health & Care Plan, your child’s primary school will discuss secondary school placements at your child’s review in either year 5 or year 6. You will receive a preference form for secondary school. You should apply online, or complete the paper form, and return it by 31 October 2020.

If you are considering a place at a secondary special school for your child, this will have been discussed at your child’s annual review. You can identify your preference of special school on the form, but you also need to identify your preference for a mainstream school in case your child is not offered a special school place.

Visit www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions for more information.


Transferring your child between secondary schools

 If your child is already at secondary school in Bolton, and you want to transfer to another Bolton secondary school, you will need to complete the ‘In-Year Transfer Form’. Part of the form must be completed by your child’s current school.  When the form is fully completed, please return it to Pupil and Student Services. Forms are available to download on the Bolton Council website or from the One Stop Shop, Town Hall.

Once your child has started Year 10, schools will not accept any child wanting to move from one school in Bolton to another school in Bolton. All such applications will be referred to the ‘In- Year Fair Access Panel’ which comprises all of the secondary school head teachers in Bolton.  Only in very exceptional circumstances will agreement be given for a child to change between Bolton schools.  This is to make sure the child’s success at GCSE is not compromised.

Visit www.bolton.gov.uk/admissions for more information.

 Timetable for admission to secondary school 2021 

  1. At the end of the summer holidays, in August 2020, the Secondary school admission portal opens for parents/carers to apply online for a secondary school place. The admission booklet is also available online.
  2. In September/October 2020, schools will hold open events where parents/carers will have the chance to visit the schools they are interested in. Further information about these can be gained directly from the school.
  3. The 31st October 2020, is the closing date for applications to be submitted. Online applications must be submitted by the end of the day. The website will also close at the end of this day.
  4. The 1st March 2021 (or next working day), is the national offer day. Emails offering places will be sent out to parents/carers, informing them of the school they have been allocated. Appeal forms will be made available online for any child who has not received a place at their preferred school.
  5. The end of March 2021 is the last date for appeals to be lodged. These will be heard in the first round of appeals. Additional appeals lodged after this date may be heard later in June/July.
  6. Between March 2021 and Autumn 2021, children who have not been offered a place at their chosen school will automatically be added to the schools’ waiting list.
  7. At the end of April/May/June 2021, school appeals will be heard.
  8. In September 2021, the school term starts.

Note: this timetable only applies to parents/carers residing in the Bolton Council area. Please be advised that if you live outside the Bolton area, the timetable may differ.