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Curriculum Intent Statement

The future of Britain’s economy depends upon our ability to create and to be creative. Therefore, at Harper Green, the Drama Department stimulates creativity through problem solving, by challenging students’ perceptions about the world and themselves.

Each student is given the opportunity to develop lifelong skills that will prepare them for higher education and the world of work. They learn the value of critical feedback, both positive and constructive.

Communication is accelerated as students embark on group activities, allowing them to understand and relate to others in new and varied ways. Lessons are structured to encourage listening, discussion, the sharing of ideas, debating and leadership qualities. Drama students learn to approach situations in different ways which can develop creative thinking and resilience. Furthermore, it builds confidence which benefits public speaking opportunities. The skills and techniques that students discover through Drama can be transferred to other subjects, such as English, History, Geography and Technology.

Drama requires self-control and discipline which will serve each student well in all aspects of life. Tolerance, honesty, and acceptance are developed by asking students to work in groups and play a role; showing understanding of how that character perceives their situation, status, and the world.

It can also provide the students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and feelings that they might not otherwise have the means to express. They are supported and nurtured to feel valued and included as they explore their imaginations and experiment with their ideas and emotions.

Resilience and imagination is discovered through a variety of enrichment events, whether this be in the form of participation in Whole School Productions, experiencing ‘live’ theatre or exploring their acting skills and techniques through various workshops.


Performing Arts Curriculum Overview