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Curriculum Intent Statement


“Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein.

The creative industry is the fastest growing part of the UK economy, contributing 84.1 billion pounds per year. Employment in the creative industry includes the following job sectors; video game, textiles, fashion, product, graphic, car and interior design, advertising, film and TV, music and architecture. Quite simply, everything you come into contact with in your daily life has been designed and created by somebody!

The Art and Design GCSE curriculum at Harper Green, encourages pupils to be independent, imaginative and creative; developing the necessary practical skills and knowledge to move onto further art education successfully. Pupils have the opportunity to use a range of media, from drawing and painting, photography, Photoshop, textiles and clay.

Art and Design embeds creative thinking, which is an invaluable and transferable skill, regardless of which career path pupils take. Pupils develop their own ideas through research and imagination and implement them into an independent final outcome.

Pupils develop an understanding, respect and appreciation of a range of cultures and art movements to inform their creative development. We encourage awareness and respect for cultural and social diversity, through projects that allow pupils to look at their own identity and teenage issues; helping to develop their emotional intelligence and empathy. The department strives to make pupils feel welcome and safe, enjoyment of lessons is our priority.

Pupils at GCSE are given the opportunity to enrich their day to day experiences further, through a number of extra-curricular activities and trips including: Manchester Metropolitan University final Art and Design degree shows, photography trips, Chester Zoo, visiting artists, Genocide and Holocaust memorial workshops and daily extra art sessions at lunchtime and after school.